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How prepared you are

August 2, 2021


Are you prepared? Are you always prepared? Writing this journal while I am watching the Love Is Blind Reality TV Show and a lot of things and insights popping inside my mind. I spent my whole day thinking if I am already ready and prepared for my upcoming transfer of assignment. Contacting some people asking how is the living condition on my new place but made me think and questioned myself, do we always have to be ready? Or should we just have to jump into the cliff and wait what surprise life can give us?

Hearing the stories of contestants in this reality tv show made me ask if they are ready to be rejected or hurt in case, they can’t find love through this show? Also, are they prepared to be engaged in just a matter of days without deeply knowing the person they get to be married with? I hope they are because if I will be on their place, the pain or hurt I will feel will always be there. I may forgive the person, but I will not forget how that person made me feel the pain. I am no saint. Maybe you will disagree with what I said but this is me being true (Gosh I am starting to open for who I am and what I feel). Now, when it comes to pain, do we really have to be prepared anytime to be hurt? Or should we not?

There are times that things we wanted to be did not happen. Sometimes stars won’t align with us. There are days we can call as sh*t days and it is awful because we don’t expect it to be that sh*t. No matter how you did great and wished that everything will be alright, it is not always like that. Each of us should bare pain or sadness at some point in life. That is the reality.

Now, at this point of writing this journal, I realize that it is not about being prepared but it is about acceptance. Are you ready to accept pain? Will you accept surprises whether you think it is good or bad? Or will you accept anything what life throw unto you? I know it is terrifying but when things we can’t control, we must know how to accept. We will accept then believe or hope that everything will be fine. We may feel not OK for a while because we don’t like it but what matters most is that how we recover and stand up. It may take time but once we got strength from setbacks, we can face the world chinning up with confidence. Life is like a pandora box. We don’t know what is coming next to us. Whether you are ready or not, prepared or not, accept it or not, you must face it and tell life to BRING IT ON!!!

Just a quick question, incase the person you love the most now will propose to you, would you say yes? Are you prepared? Will you accept it? Let me know your arguments. 😊


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